Being cats that have very entrepreneurial pet parents, there is so much activity always going on around our castle. With all this activity happening it’s sometimes hard to get in a good nap or three, so we have idle time on our paws. Instead of getting into too much trouble we decided to put our time to better use. We thought about all our fellow cats out there that love to purrform for the camera and figured we could become curators of this great entertainment source. Since cats basically run the internet already we needed to claim our birthright and after many catnip fueled all-nighters we made this little corner of the interwebs. Hope you enjoy!

Founder Duncan
Duncan – Founder, Advisor and internet pioneer
dman [at] purrform.com


Founder Puddy
Puddy – Founder, Director of Media and leading catnip expert
puddypud [at] purrform.com


Founder Oreo
Oreo – Founder, Director of Technology, Chief Trouble Maker and current World Purring Champion
ohoh [at] purrform.com


Luxi Gogo - Purrform
Luxi Gogo – Brand Ambassador, Product Manager, Social Influencer and purrkore enthusiast.
luxigogo [at] purrform.com
insta, twitter and pinterest @luxigogo


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