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This is the coolest litter box I have ever seen. The Lord Of The Rings litter box and scratching post. I wish I were these cat. Watch the step by step ...

Every parent has experienced this.

Hey boys cats slip and slide too. We both are funny to watch. Just reminding you.

Maine Coon cats are a vocal cat seen here in this video of a cat named Quinn.

We all want to feel loved... Our parents hugs and kisses are the best.Oreo, Puddy and Duncan. Watch as these cats and dogs get love from their parents.

Oreo and Puddy I found cats commercials...a must watch.

I was looking at videos and came across this one, It reminded me of when I was a wee orange kitten.

A cat found in the UK named Merlin,is known as the loudest purring domestic cat at 67.8 decibels.

Watch as this unusual friendship develops between a baby otter , small hyena, and a lion cub, who were rescued and brought to an Animal Rescue in Africa.

4/24/18, I want to know which cat breed is your cat? There are many cat breeds and here is a list of them from A to Z.

4/18/18, there are many different types of domestic cats; which simply means, part of the family. This breed is happy, playful and lives longer than outside ...

Today 4/13/18 I thought my fellow ginger cats would like to see this video....Enjoy.

Being a ginger cat myself this video caught my eye today, 4/11/18. I thought you would enjoy watching other gingers having fun and acting out...Enjoy!

Cats need 18 essential nutrients and the amino acids that are found in meat. So, yes cats do need meat.

A Veterinarian discusses and lists what foods are good for your cat or dog. I found this video to be informative.

Watch as this cool cat maze is built with instructions before your eyes. Many Hours of Cat Fun to be had.

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