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I once jumped over the shower door when my human's tried to give me a bath

Hey , Puddy and Duncan watch this video it reminds me of the first time I discovered snow. What fun I had.You remember don't you.

If your feeling low all you need is a cat to brighten your day. Watch and see how this kitty lifts his owner's mood.

I couldn't stop watching this cat video over and over again. I kept hoping the kitty would get the fish. Oh, well you can't always get what you want.

Monkeys are cute and these monkeys reaction are priceless.

It's 2018 and I found this video and was moved by the people saving Maggie and those who adopted her. Like Maggie, I was chosen by loving parents and know that ...

4/17/18, A list of the top ten friendliest feline breeds. My favorite is Number 5 the Maine Coon. What is your favorite feline? Email Puddy and let him know.

Today, 4/15/18 after watching this video I decided to share it with my feline friends.

Today, 4/10/18 I saw this video and thought you would like to see fellow purrfromer's like my brothers and I climbing ladders. It is so much fun and takes ...

Watch as this cat actually skateboards and does tricks on and off the skateboard.

Cats want to be liked too. Watch how far this kitty goes to get likes online.

What personality does your cat have? There are three types; Mojito , Napoleon, or a Wallflower. All three cats are Mojito's with Puddy, being a ...

Who is the sly one the cat or the fox?

A list of 21 unbelievable cats. Watch to see all 21 unique cats.

The reaction of 10 cats to seeing their reflections in a mirror.

Jackson Galaxy, gives tips to cat owners who are having problems with their cats not using the liter box. Could it be the size and placement of the liter box?

Such a sweet video depicting the relationship between a kitten and a dog.

How would your cat react to the snow?

This video is about a porcupine who thinks he is a dog.

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