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26 Facts About Cats That'll Make You Love Them

Hey boys watch this it is funny. Watch as the dogs slip on the ice.

After the match, the kitties decide to lick their wounds and each others.

A gray Maine Coon cat starts a wrestling match with its housemate a Housecat. Watch to find out who comes out on top. Let's get ready to rumble and tumble.

As the title suggests Maine Coon cats are sweet, little gentle giants. I'm a Maine Coon and I'm laid back and sweet to my Mommy and Daddy.

15 Beautiful Colors of a Maine Coon

I felt that this information was important to let all my feline friends and their owners to know.

Oreo and Duncan, I found both cats and dogs being caught on camera...Puddy

Today I saw this video about an animal Vet. giving advice on cat handling.

This video shows five unique friendships built with another animal. It is so cute to watch how the dogs, cats, goats ,and puppies interact with each other.

The Vet answers all our nagging questions why our cats follow us into the bathroom. I want to know why don't you?

Cats meow as a way to communicate with both humans and other cats. Although, they do communicate through meowing they use different ones to talk to humans and ...

I choose this video today because it shows the five reasons why us kitty cats love to sleep with our humans. My human, she always welcomes me no matter and I ...

May 2018, I found this video and couldn't believe cats could be this fearless.

4/25/18 this is my video choice...enjoy.

April 22, 2018, the third part of this compilation about the wonder, that is the Maine Coon.

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