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April 21, 2018, this is part 2 of the previous video about Maine Coons'.

I was searching the internet and found this on 4/20/18. Watch as 70 + cats receive catnip at a shelter.

4/19/18, being a Maine Coon cat myself, I'm interested in all things Maine Coon. This video shows what some of my fellow Maine Coon's do during the day.

Today 4/14/18 I just wanted to choose a video that made my fellow felines and their humans' laugh.

I choose this video today, 4/12/18. because you never can see too many cats jumping. I hope you enjoy I sure did.

Are they hungry:bored:happy? These are what we ask are ourselves about when we think of our cats. The biggest question is do they love me? Here are some ...

This video answer this age old question...or does it? You must watch it to find out.

What is my cat trying to tell me? Jackson Galaxy, explains how your cat's body language answers this question

This video explains why we believed that looking into cats eyes is dangerous.

Watch a cat, yes, I said a cat walking on a leash.

Milk, it's what all cats want, right? Wrong, as this video shows.

At Purina's recent Better With Pets Summit, this video describes how to enrich your pet's life in 3 ways. One, through positive stress, by using food with food ...

Have you ever seen a dog or cat the size of your palm? Watch this video to see the 13 smallest animals in the world.

This video shows you steps to helping your scared kitty become a confident cat, feeling safe in their environment. Remember when using these steps to be ...

Have you ever come home to scratched-up furniture, ripped carpet, or even shredded clothes. Well, worry no more Jackson Galaxy gives you several tips on how ...

Happy New Year 2018! Lets purrform great tasks this year.

This cat is too cute...a must watch video.

Watching this video it looks so different than the dog waking up the cat. The cat is sweet and loving and patient and the dog was a little less,still sweet ...

This video shows a dog trying to wake up a cat,

This video is too cute to pass up. A video that focuses on kittens paws.

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