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This video will make you laugh at how cats think and solve problems.

Watch this video of cats who don't know how adorable they are being.

Watch this video where cats chase and play with one another.

Super smart cat or does he use his intelligence to get treats. This cat will do any tricks to get his treats. Although I would have said no to vinegared red ...

Watch this video and see how these dogs react to being in a Halloween costume.

Try not to laugh I couldn't stop myself.These cats are truly scared of these masks.

This is a video compilation of cats being rescued and those who rescued them. I believe these people are extremely special to rescue an animal in distress.They ...

What does your cats do that only you would understand?

Some people say they swear their cats are out to get them. Here are 8 signs that they might be right. Just joking these are signs of love.

Watch as adorable Maine Coons talk to you.

This cute little girl who was born with a congenital birth defect. This defect makes her front legs weak and hard to put pressure on. This is her story of how ...

This is an adorable video of a Daddy cat meeting his kittens.

A compilation of 10 videos for those who love chihuahuas.

Being a Maine Coon myself I'd have to agree. We are the best. Watch this video and see. Puddy approved two paws up.

There are so many cute cats smiling that this video cheered me up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This is a compilation of many different videos about cats doing really funny things. There are cats having a race on an exercise wheel, cats scampering and ...

A video of many animals acting and doing silly things.

This is just a funny feel good video of cats running and playing.

This video shows how committed a cat can be when they want on your lap.

We all love to watch sleeping animals.

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