Easy No Bake Cat Treats That Your Feline Friend Will Love

No Bake Cat Treats

Is there such a thing as no bake cat treats? Have you ever wondered if there were healthier cat treats that you could make without the hassle of baking? I believe that if we should take great care in what we feed our feline family, with that in mind we should prefer the food be natural and not store bought. These easy and no-bake cat treat recipes will do just that. Below is a list of the three recipes with the videos to show you how.

No-Bake Tuna Treats

1/2 Cup of tuna (or fish of choice)
1/2 Cup Oats
enough oil to bind the mixture.

Mix together roll and freeze for a couple hours.
1/4 cup carrots or peas or vegetable of choice can also be used.

Tuna Ice Treats

1 can tuna (no salt no oil)in water
1/4 cup water

Mix tuna and water together either in a blender or by hand. Pour into ice cube tray. Let it freeze overnight.

Cat Birthday Cake Treats

1 can tuna in water, drained
1/2 cup of diced cooked chicken or flaked can chicken
1/2 cup of pureed sweet potato
1 mashed potato

The first step, peel the potato and sweet potato. the second step, puree sweet potato and mash the mashed potato. The third step put the mashed potato mixture aside in a seal able bag. The fourth step, puree sweet potato and add to mix. Then mix tuna and chicken, together, after all, ingredients are mixed together completely. You can finally, form small balls and set them aside. The fifth step is to cut the corner of the bag that the mashed potato mixture is in. Make sure to squeeze the potato mix and that it is pushed to the corner of bag. Now the fun part starts where you get to be creative. Put previously formed balls on a plate. Use a spoon or fork to shape balls the way you want. Get mashed potato bag and squeeze so the mixture comes out the bottom, This is where you use the bag of mashed potato, to decorate. The best part your cat has tasty treats to eat.

The Wrap Up

These are just a few examples of the homemade no-bake cat treat recipes available online. They are easy to make so give them a try. My cats Puddy, Oreo, and Duncan loved them when I tested these tasty treats out.

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